Monday, August 22, 2016

Born of the year of the Rabbit I have read a book called Born of The Year of The Rabbit This article is about a boy named Hua yan and this is about Hua Yan's life. This book is written by Peter Mirams. This book is about a boy that lives in a city and he Goes to school and does not see his family for that long. They have school from 8a.m finishes at 5p.m and they have homework to and they got to bring their homework back to school and they have lunch from midday to 3p.m . Something I learnt while reading this article is. Chinese people don’t see their kids for long because when They go to school they finish to and they see there parents to and go to sleep.  
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This is my Reassured Definition.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Friday, August 5, 2016

Let's Take Them Home!

This is my first persuasive writing. I was supported by Iverson. What do you think, did I persuade you?

Let's Take Them Home!

I think that we should bring home devices to school and use them in our learning environment. Are you with me?

 The first reason why I think we should take chromebooks home is because it will help us catch up on work and it will help us get our work finished on time.  When we take our chromebooks home normally they have to be payed off. But we think that if we take them home they will return back to school. Safe as bro! Plus we will be getting lots of work finished at home and be catching up a lot.

Another reason why I think we should be able to Take our chromebooks home is because if you miss a day because you're sick you can do your work at home. In other words When you're really sick your teacher can send your work and you can do it at home. So you can be on the right track.

In summary, I believe we should be able to take our chromebooks home my two main reasons are
It will help you catch up on your work. Added to this It will Motivate you. Who’s with me? LET'S TAKE THEM HOME!!

My next learning steps are:
Learn about emotive words and phrases and use them to make my argument better
Be able to use the correct for persuasive writing by myself (intro with opinion, main reasons and supporting detail, good connective and summary at the end)
Read my work to make sure it all makes sense.

Thursday, August 4, 2016