Monday, February 26, 2018


                         My Adventure 
    One day their was a kid called Tony in a car and his Father was driving him to his grandpa place. When they got their Tony felt sad that his father was leaving him. His Father told him “Sorry I couldn’t play with you today”.His dad drive off and he said “Bye”.Then his grandpa was mowing the lawn. Tony and his stuffed toy was lying on the box Tony felt sad with teardrops coming out of his eyes.

    Then he saw a photo of his father when he was a kid on a red wagon and his father was pulling the wagon around town. Then Tony tried to grab that photo then he fell and the wagon and box of photos all fell and he landed on his butt.Then his dad’s old helmet rolled in front of his grandpas lawnmower his grandpa came over and he look at tony and tony looked at the photo his grandpa said “That was your fathers red wagon when he was a little boy”. “Do you want to take it out on a spin” “Yes”. So then they took it outside and his grandpa was pulling him and his grandpa Told him keep your arms and feet in at all times.

    Then they were going and tony and his grandpa were Imagining that they were jungle with monkeys. The monkeys were staring at them and started to chase them they were running and the monkeys were screaming. They went down a hill and they ramped off. Then they fell into the river but there wagon turned into a boat and they were crocodiles roaring and the were sailing then the stuffed toy tapped on tonys shoulder and then they were shocked. Because there was a waterfall.

     When they went down it then the wagon turned into a airplane and they were flying. They done a loop in the sky and they done another loop and the teddy bear falls out of the airplane and the tony catches the teddy bear. Then they fly and they run out of gas and the pull their parachute and they land on the ground. His grandpa is having a drink and the seesaw gets lasered by aliens. Then their wagen gets turned into a little alien ship and they fly around and shot the alien ships. 

    Then their was a giant alien ship and they closed their eyes tony shot the alien gun at the giant alien ship and then the alien ship turned into his father’s car and the gun turned into a hose tony and his grandpa were dirty. They were trying to hide their face his grandpa looked like he was doing the dab and tony's father said “Tony dad you to look unbelievably filthy” Then his father look at himself on the wagon.

    His grandpa said prepare for liftoff.Then they fly around in space.
    THE END 

    Friday, February 23, 2018

    WALT: Create a DLO that inspires learners to follow our Kawa of Care.