Thursday, April 14, 2016

Monday, April 11, 2016

This is my writing assessment, I have worked on improving my punctuation, spelling and vocabulary.

Pig hunting One Sunday Morning Me, Mum, Dad, Sonny , Shilaine, Papa, Nana, Uncle Andrew, Aunty Arora, Uncle Ashton , and Aunty darlien went to sleep at Awarua at my papa's place and when we got Their me Uncle Andrew and Uncle Ashton and dad went hunting. Later on we stopped and we got the dogs out of the chenilles. Then we started to look around and we found nothing. But we were still looking and we didn’t give up. We were like Richie Mccaw during a rugby tournament. And we stopped again and we found some think it pig. The pig was as fat as a elephant and the dogs were chasing it. When we were following it I tripped and I and I said “ahhhhhh.” It was as sore as branches falling on me.We kept moving And they stopped and waited for a roff. They heard something. Then they started

 to move again. After they found the pig. It was on the ground dead the dog killed it then uncle picked the pig up as we walk to the truck. The pig was as hot as a volcano exploding with lava. And we drove back. Later on we got back to my papa’s. Papa said “Wow” place and got me a kai and played around with Meyer and Sonny then we went in the tent and slept.