Wednesday, April 12, 2017

WALT Recycle Rubbish

WALT use language features of persuasive writing
To be successful I will:
Use rhetorical questions to make my writing interesting
Use emotive language (words about feelings/emotions)

I believe you should not take most of the rubbish to the dump you should recycle your rubbish are you with me? Yes
My first reason you should not burn your rubbish at home. Second of all you should recycle your rubbish don’t leave your rubbish lying around it can hurt wildlife

My Third Reason Don’t put your rubbish underground. When rubbish is in the landfill it makes a dangerous gas called methane. The drips of the poisonous liquid can pollute the fresh spring water.  Is this Magnificent?no it’s Outrageous
I believe you should recycle instead of put it in the landfill.

My Summary is dump your rubbish and recycle your metal paper glass and plastic.