Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Perfect Pizza

 WALT use a variety of precise words and phrases to add interest or information
  • Include interesting words for said
  • Use interesting adjectives (describing words) verbs (doing words) and phrases 

Eating Those Pizza
On Saturday Mum, Dad, Shilaine, Sonny, Parehuia and I went to KawaKawa to get some Pizza. Me Mum Shilaine Parehuia
went into the pizza shop,But my mum ordered the pizza.She ordered Butter chicken pizza and meat lovers and seafood pizza.We went to the park to eat it. It was delicious. One taste of that glorious pizza blowed my mind. My favorite pizza was the seafood pizza. My next pizza was the butter chicken pizza. I tasted it and it was tasty and delicious. Then I thought In my head This is some scrumptious food I mean SCRUMPTIOUS FOOD!.

After that Parehuia, Shilaine, Sonny and I went onto the bridge and we were looking at the water. Then Mum and Dad came onto the bridge too. Dad shouted “Sonny go down their and get that net” Sonny Replied“Yup”. Dad yelled to me “Go down their and help your brother”. I replied“Yup I will”. I walk down their where Sonny was and help him get the net.I was walking back onto the bridge because it was get boring and Sonny yelled to Dad saying “I can’t get it” Then Dad yelled “Never mind then just leave it their”. Then we walked back to the two trucks and we went with Dad and Shilaine and Parehuia went with mum.

Then we were off to the dairy for an ice cream. When we got up there we got out of the truck and me and Sonny were playing with the claw machine. Then we went to the pizza shop to look at the ice creams but they were dear so we went to the dairy for ice cream.We walked past the jewelry shop and we saw Mum in their. Then we went to go and have a look in there. Then we went out. Then we went to get our ice cream’s. We all got a double scoop of ice cream. Later on we were in the truck. On the go. My ice cream was squiggling and dribbling down my cone. Into my hands. Then after my ice cream I wiped my hands on the rag. Then used the hand sanitiser.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Sentence DLO

We were learning about Simple, Compound, Complex Sentences. We decided to create this DLO with Google Slides and Screencastify. This was hard work for me and Aryan. I hope you go to Aryans blog to watch it. All I can say is I hope enjoy.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Dance Typing

In our class we are learning about elements of dance. The dance element are body awareness, space and time. The ideas I like dancing to are melting I am the best at that you need to move you're body and then go down to the ground.   E-waste is a problem why?

That’s why I am here to help. E means electronic but the short word is E-waste. The olden day models become useless. If you use a old DVD and you put it in new DVD player it will not fit and it won’t work. Another reason why electronics become waste is by them becoming out of fashion. For example, the old models will be thrown away and they will get the new model’s like Samsung Galaxy S8 or iphone 8. The new ones last a short time then they throw them away and get new phones. The new phones last up to 2 or 5 years . Computers are the same they don’t rust but they go useless like my old computer. Some stuff are expensive if you walk into electronic repair shop it will cost you more money than you payed for it. It will be cheaper if you buy a new one.

Monday, June 12, 2017

This is my writing about the rugby game.

                               The Rugby Game!!!                      
 On a rainy Sunday morning my Dad, sister, brother, and cousins and I went to watch Sonny’s game in Whangarei. At the Blue Goose Me, Sonny, and Dad were sitting in the truck. My Dad fell asleep and me and Sonny waited for matt. Three hours later yeah uncle bill is here finally someone has shown up then Dad jumped out of the truck. Then he went to go to uncle bill and he shook his hand, and he shook Me and Sonny. They were talking for hours I mean HOURS!!!. Then matt finally arrived at his destination. I thought he couldn't make it.I was filled with joy he made it. Seeing Sonny's team on the field. They were the undefeated and the best and most powerful I really mean POWERFUL!!! team in the universe!!!. Well at least whangarei. They were versing big boys on the other team. They had some boys that were powerful boys on the team Sonny was versing . Then a few seconds later then the game was on. But I was watching the game then it got boring.

When it was halftime my heart was beating very fast telling them to win. Matt’s team was in a circle talking until the game was on. Then they got back on the field with mussel. All of a Sudden I seen Andy, and he was playing with this boy called traeh.I came over, and started to play with them. We played master with a rugby ball, and A post.You have to go next to the stick, and through the rugby ball at the post. Andy said to me “Do you want to play master” I said “Yes I do”. Then we started to play master.  Andy and traeh started the game off.I was watching them then Andy got out, and it was my turn. I threw the rugby ball at the post, and it got it I couldn't believe I got it. Then it was Andy's turn, he kicked it and it got the post. “Great kick Andy you're cool!”.Then it was traeh's turn, he threw it. It missed. Then andy missed too. Later on it was game over. Sonny’s team won they were the champs.They were having a feed to celebrate their victory. Then After that they all started to go home.

That was the best day ever, Kind a boring but it was still cool. When I was playing with Andy and Traeh. Sonny team was the best in whangarei I couldn't see who won. But they won.I couldn't believe my eyes they had won. They have to verse the same people over again. because it was round 2. But that was a great day though they were the best.