Friday, July 29, 2016

Friday, July 1, 2016

Going to whangarei

On Friday after School  Sonny was at Tims and Shilaine had a sleepover at her dance. I stayed home. Then played  on my phone and I went inside the truck and mum and I went to get fish and chips.                                                                                                                                                            
Half an hour later we came back and put them on the table and got the sauce out and opened the chips and put the sauce on them and we ate them. A few minutes later I went  in my room and played my phone and then I got tired so I went to sleep

The next morning dad yelled “Get up it is time to go to whangarei” “yes” my eyes popped out of my face for joy I got up and went for a shower.I got out and done my hair and we went. We jumped in the truck and went. A few hours later we were there. I was as tired as the Dad and I waited in the truck for mum. To get the shopping. Dad put his chair back and I lay in the back to waiting for mum. It was hot as the sun  Dad woke up and mum was coming out  of the shop dad said “Run and tell mum we parked over here” so I ran as fast as a cheetah .

When I got to mum I said we parked over there. Mum put them in a cardboard and put them in the back. And we drove The cardboard box with all the food in it fell on me while we were driving owwww, I roared. Finally we were in kaikohe and we stopped in at Tims to pick Sonny  up and then we arrived home I jumped out of the truck and got the shopping and I had to get the shopping and bring them inside. Then I went in the room and went to sleep.

That was cool going to whangarei and when we were coming back from whangarei The cardboard box fell on me when I was a sleep I will never forget that day.