Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Draft 2 What I need to work on next: Carefully choose words and phrases to add information and/or interest for my reader.

Crashing My Brothers Bike.

Crashing my brothers bike. One Saturday morning my family and I got the my brothers bike out and We played on it. The colour of the bike was blue and black. Dad started it up vvm vmvmvm dad revved the handle.                                                                                           

Dad said “jump on I said yup”.And the bike zoomed off as fast as a rocket ship. Then I turned and I done a skid and mud flicked in the air. Then I went straight Crash! into my dad. Three seconds later dad got up. He was  going to boot my bottom.I would of got the enormous boot So I ran ahahahah Sonny laughed. Later on

Sonny said you are never going on the bike again. He let my Sister have a ride.She didn’t crash it. That was the most terrifying day of my life. And i'm never riding his bike again.