Thursday, March 29, 2018


What is sportsmanship. Sportsmanship is when you respect each other.Another way is to be a good sportsperson is to shake hands with other team and when you finsh.You could say “Good Game”.Another way to show good sportsmanship is to respect the people on the field.You could also be a good sports person is by Using the hoe values on the field like Aroha, Manaakitanga,Tikanga,Whakawhanaungatanga.

What does a good sports person mean.Being a good sportsperson is respecting your Coach,Opposition and teammates .By being a good sportsperson you have to use positive Comments and use put ups towards them.One way to be a good sportsperson is by sharing the ball with your teammates.

In Conclusion Being a good sports person is by respecting your Coach,Opposition and team mates.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Top Tip

WALT:use Short cuts keys to work smarter. Sc:I will Create a DLO sharing atleast one top tip

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Dung Beetle

WALT : use our inferencing skill to help us understanding the text.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018


WALT do scratch junior and this is my project about basketball. This is my first time doing scratch junior.This is my cat shooting the goal.
                      In this picture this is my cat getting the ball in the hoop.
In this picture this is my coding on how I was dribbling the ball.  I needed to join all of the pieces of codes together. To make it go, I click the green flag and it goes.  I hope you liked my screen shots about scratch junior.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Bucket Filling

To be successful I will...
Have a title,introduction,description,process and conclusion
Use topic specific vocabulary
self-assess myself to see where I think I am writing at.

                         Bucket Filling

Firstly Imagine having a bucket sitting above your head.It is fill with love, happiness, and positive feelings.  Everyone in the whole world has one.  A Bucket Filler is a person who always treats people good and doesn’t put them down.  They give positive comments, treat people with respect, support people in need.

One way you could fill someone's bucket is by telling them something nice about them. For instance, you could say “Hi” and introduce yourself if it’s someone new. If you see anyone, I mean anyone dipping someone’s bucket I would tell the teacher or tell the bullie to stop it.

Secondly, another way you can fill someone's bucket is to greet them. If you don’t and you say bad stuff about them then you are dipping someones bucket not filling. If you a dipping someones bucket that means you are a bully.But when you are a bucket filler then you will be a great person and you will have all the friends. Another example is when playing a game and they say “Can I play” Don’t ignore them you could say “Yes you can”.

You use your bucket by saying positive comments and questions.You could say “You look nice”.

When trying to make a friend will show them happiness by smiling.You can show that your being supportive by supporting them. Just by saying “Go keep going and you will win”.

In summary, always be a bucket filler.  Make friends, smile, show happiness, give sincere positive comments and be supportive to others.  Fill their bucket up because when you do, yours will too.
My self-assessment
Structure and language
Sentence Structure

Total: R34  4a