Wednesday, July 5, 2017

This is my learning about how I am going to achieve doing short division.

This is some of my learning about short division I am not good at it yet but I am getting taught in room 4 the older class I go in their to learn short division. I hope you enjoy my short division learning.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Google Gadget.

WALT use write cause and effect sentences.
To be successful we will:
  1. Think about an cause (event) and what happens because of it (effect)
  2. Use cause and effect connectives such as because of this, as a result, as a consequence and when this happens…
  3. Check that full stops are at the end of the idea (remember it will be simple, compound or complex)

 I think I was successful by getting all of this Info and a lot ideas and I know I was successful because I used full stops and capital letters and I used cause and effect connectives. 

Name: Sweyde
Topic:The people of the world all run after new phones everyday this is a problem. Their phones get old everyday and it makes E-waste this is a worldwide problem. The new phones that come in they get sold out  quick and they through their old ones out quick.

The E-waste gets shipped to India, China,
Ghana, Nigeria and Pakistan. Tons of E-waste gets shipped over to their country.When this happens they are make their environment bad. People should recycle their hazardous waste for there won't be to much E-waste hurting their environment. People should stop poisoning there device and  they should make green computers So they can make them less toxic more green and  more recyclable.

Christmas Song

Today Me, VJ, Neko did a video about Christmas songs we made these songs up. But we used the songs beat from the Christmas songs. Neko name ...