Friday, October 21, 2016

Dollar Dollar bills yo.

  • This is my recount all sentences begin with capital letter and end with full stop I am learning to use.speech marks are used correctly.
  • What I found hard was using speech marks correctly.
Dollar Dollar bills yo.
In the holiday I went to my Papas and nanas. We were driving to my nana papa house then when we got to there house I was tired so I went to bed. Then my papa picked me up and we went to Whangarei. I went to My Auntys house so my papa can go to work. And when papa went to work he left me with Shanaiah and Eshra.

Eshra brought a tv and he brought his games over and we were playing Call of Duty Ghost “This game is cool !” I laughed. Then we nearly clocked the whole game then we got the Assassin Creed Rogue game on the ground and picked it up the game I was filled of joy my eye balls popped out off my face like a balloon. Then I got board like a elephant bored. I turned off the tv and my Aunty and uncle said “Come on we are going to town now markets in town” “Yes I am coming”. Then we went to The Warehouse to get some sandles for me and some curtains for my auntie. My auntie gave me 20 bucks for helping her. “Thanks Aunty, I can't wait to spend it”. A few minutes later. We went Burger King. My Aunty bought a kai then went back to my aunt's house.                                                                       

After my kai I was full as a pig. I went in my cousins room and play the game I played Assassin's creed Rogue for a little bit. Then I turned off the tv.  Then I went to sleep. In the morning I went back to pakatai and done some mahi with my papa and nana. Then my nana gave me
ten bucks then me my nana went back to my house and my nana dropped me off in her new car it rums nice. Just kidding it runs nice on the road then I said bye nana.          

That was the best day ever I liked the part when we went to the markets and I thank my aunty for giving me money so I can buy me stuff at the dairy.
But my favourite thing I like the most is staying with my aunty. And my first time playing Assassin's Creed Rogue.