Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Friday, May 26, 2017

This is my Book Review about Water Worries.

Hello everyone My Book Review for today is about Water Worries I chose this book because I know all of the learning in this book. That is why, I am making, a book review on this book.
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Water Worries

The important ideas in this paragraph is about and endless water cycle you can use water from rivers, streams, lakes, springs.And endless cycle means it never ends so water will never run out. The sun heats up oceans, river, and lakes some of this water rises and it vapours the air. And the water becomes droplets in clouds. And colder temperatures forces the clouds to lose their moistureas rain, hail, and snow. You can reuse it in puddles and in rainwater to. Some Dinosaurs had drunk this same water millions of years ago. That's unbelievable that they drunk this same water.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

How do I Sound?

I am able to read my speech clearly and it is my first time screencastifying on my speech I was speaking clearly and loudly and I changed my speed and my sound. I am learning to stop at the full stop and commas. I hope you enjoy my speech.

Friday, May 12, 2017

This is my story About playing cricket and golf.

This is what I was learning this week: to use interesting words

By Sweyde
In the holidays My Cousins and I were playing with crickets!!!.Im just joking we were playing cricket We were just getting ready. First we made up teams. Me and my cousin Cyprus were vs Ariana and Myer.We were on ball and Myer and Ariana were on bat.Myer hit the the ball it went flying like a bird. Then Myer ran I got the ball and threw it at the cricket stand then me and Cyprus were on bat Cyprus said “Yus”. I let Cyprus go first he hit it and he ran when he got to the other side he ran back then myer had the ball in her hand and through it a Cypris. But Cypris lifted his legs up and dodge the ball.I was Amazed when he dodged it “wow Cyprus good moves”. Then when I was with the bat I hit it and it went HIGHER then HIGHER and HIGHER!!!.

Then it came down and they caught it. But it was not over, I sprinted to the ball and pitched it to Ariana, Then she hit it hard two but she hit it out then Cyprus said “Why did you hit it out for we can’t find it now” but Ariana and Myer found a tennis ball to play with then I said “run!!!” Because Cyprus was still on the other side  I said “Ok” But he didn’t run to the cricket stand he watched Myer and Ariana fight over the ball. Myer went BANG BANG BANG to Ariana, Then Ariana ran inside I said to Myer “Don't do that she's going to tell on you now” Myer said “I don’t care” Then she ran away.

Later On Cyprus and I were getting bored just sitting on the steps. Until I saw the hole I was like It all makes sense now all we need is some golf sticks but we don't have golf sticks we had to play golf with poor poor bats. When Myer got over it she got some golf sticks, I was like “Where did you get those” Cyprus said “Yeah Myer” then me Myer said “I got them from chan’s house”. She gave us the bats then we started to play golf. I started first because I was the oldest they said so I hit it first I just misted the hole. Then Cyprus hit it and he got it Cyprus said “Yus” I said “Just because I hit it close to the hole”.

Later On Myer Cypus and I had one more turn because it was getting late I hit it first again missed again then Cyprus hit he missed then Myer hit it and it rebounded off the house and nearly went in, Then I was like “it’s all up to me now I can do these I can do this then it went in.I was happy that I got that in.After that Cyprus said “Let’s go inside now it is getting late” I said “yes” Myer said “Yup”.

In summary That was cool as playing cricket there was a little fighting but it was still cool though but the best moment was me getting the ball into the hole I didn’t know I was going to get that in I was full of joy.