Friday, September 23, 2016

I have not got and DLO Te reo Maori slide because me and my friend Tristan was mucking around.
We were learning to talk in Maori. Then ask the question.

This is my story about Building Tautoro School better then ever.

Planning space

My story is called building cool parks

Building Tautoro School better then ever
I will build new parks at tautoro school because the parks are very very old. So we can have fun and put big slides on the park and make the junior park bigger and better and put some tunnels in the parks and then they will be happy. And put some cameras around the school the school and ho ever bes a bully they will catch them on the camera and the will have to do lines. For the rest of the day and the person that was being a bully they will have to say sorry. And they will just carry on and make tautoro like a big hydroside for the senior park.                                

A pool to cool down the kids and there is a shello piece and a deep piece so that the people that dont no how to swim. They can go to the shello piece. Who's with me yes or no. Yes.

Then we will make a long dirt bike trail around the whole field and the whole school and make a skate bowl on the court for tim and all the people that like skate boarding. Then bust all the classrooms down and build new classrooms. Because the same classroom are still here from ages ago.

That will be cool if the teachers done all of that. Thank for all of you’s that said yes. The End.

This my Chinese medicine slide and a tai chi video

The Ant Prank

This is my movie, About The ant prank. We did this movie for we can see who has made the best movie.  Aryan and Tristan made up this story and wrote the script.  People in my group did not come to school or finish writing the script so I joined this group because I come to school often.

Friday, September 16, 2016

This is about chasing our dreams.

Today ray bishop came to our school. He was talking to us about chasing our dreams. My dream is to be a boxer because I like boxing. because it makes me happy and after I finish my boxing. I fell so fulled with joy going to boxing. Thank you ray bishop

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

This is my book review

Sep 14, 2016 10:03:07 AM.jpg

By Sweyde. The book is called Rescue A man called AJ is in the water and he saves a little boy. AJ did not know that their were two boy near the water and AJ heard help he ran as fast as he could and he took his jeans off and t-shirt off he jumped into the water then. He tried to pull him back and two boys yelled to a boat help their are two people in the water then the boat saves the day and picks AJ and the little boy. Jumped on the boat and the man and the lady drived the boat to the sand. Then they got off the boat and went back to their car. And      drove off. The End.

This is my Q&A